This is the staff of the Port, a select group who make things happen.

Galemp: That's me. I conceived this project in the summer of 2001, after finding Dark's ship conversions. I converted all the tables and FS1 main campaign missions (up until the overhaul in version 3.0). Right now I'm in college working my butt off.

Goober5000: Goober eventually became the primary FREDder for Silent Threat: Reborn due primarily to his persistent and unrelenting perfectionism, which drove GalacticEmperor nearly insane and delayed the release for at least three years. He also managed the 3.0 overhaul release and coded the FS1 Mission Import feature in FRED2_Open.

Yarn: Post-producer, manager of tweaks and bugfixes, and general man Friday for anything that needs doing. He's also recently stepped up as Translation Producer, meaning that FSPort and ST:R will soon have localization support.

Admiral Nelson: Junior Goober of the FreeSpace Port. He manages the conversion and release of FSPort-converted campaigns, freeing up manpower for ST:R. He also creates nameplates and arranges backgrounds.

Staff Emeritus

Alikchi: Erstwhile head honcho of Neo-Terra Victorious, Alikchi helped out from time to time in Porting and FREDding.

DTP: Staff modeller. He did a superb job shielding the Lucifer and adding squadron insigniae to the imported fighters.

Towani: Towani just sort of came out of nowhere and started working on multiplayer, then vanished. He helped us fix multiplayer bugs and balance the tables.

Knight Templar: Assistant converter for Silent Threat and general busybody.

Cobra: Methodical and patient artist, responsible for the beautiful high-res interface and other odds and ends.

These are the other people that helped make this happen. Though this is mostly the result of our efforts, many others contributed directly or indirectly, and I'd like to thank them for their hard work.

Volition, Inc.: for making such great games in the first place. Without them FreeSpace would still be just a disk compression utility.

Dark: for the PVI Karnak and other FS1-era models, for converting the FS1 models to FS2, and for creating ship interface art. It was his work that got me started on the conversion.

Setekh, Thunder and the whole HLP crew: for hosting this site and being a cornerstone of the FS online community.

Hunter: for being a friend at the FS Sector and letting me ramble on the BB.

Sesquipedalian: For creating the loading grids for the weapon interfaces.

CJ: for testing and continued support from the start.

Tudor: for testing and insights.

GreyWolvesLeader: For playing until he went blind.

Joey_21: For creating the loading animations in low-res. Have you tried it in low-res? You should.

Yogi: for those heated debates over music.

GameSpy: for providing hosting until HLP graduated to its own host.

Angelfire: For free web hosting until we came to HLP.

NJIT: For their l33t Architecture program and the free computer.

Mom and Dad: for putting up with me.

Did you help, but I forgot you? Let me know.