Here you can find stuff that you don't need for the campaign, but is pretty cool anyway.


If you want to create your own campaigns or fan fiction based on FreeSpace 1, this is where to start.

Jump Node Map- Map of all the jump nodes in the galaxy.

Message Sounds- Comm message sounds for use at the beginning and end of FreeSpace 1 voice transmissions.

Vasudan Speech- Extended WAV sample of Vasudan speech, untranslated.

Vasudan Snippets Clips of untranslated Vasudan speech, combed from the canonical voice files.

FreeSpace Reference Bible- Story and background of FreeSpace 1.

Source Static- Static sound effects for radio messages.

Strobe- An uncut, higher-quality version of the Vasudan distress call from FreeSpace 1.


These fonts are used both for the game and many FreeSpace websites and themes. Download to your Windows/Fonts/ directory. If the font name is in its own style, you already have it installed.

Download Bank Gothic font- Main FreeSpace font used in the interface.

Download Stop font- Font used on the Orion nameplates, the Arcadia, and the "Shoot Me" on the Amazon.

Download freespace font- My own! Uppercase letters in the style of FreeSpace 1 and Bank Gothic, lowercase in FS2 style, and lots of symbols for renders, WordArt, or screensavers.

Download Vasudan Lettering font- My own! Vasudan letters in the style of artwork from the FreeSpace 2 GOTY CD.

Download freespace logo- A 4K PNG of the FREESPACE logo, made by MjnMixael


Wallpapers are just pictures, usually renders or screenshots. All of it is FreeSpace 1, and mostly quiet, moody renders of ships silently gliding through space. Right click and use "Save As" or "Set as Background". If you deserve credit (I'm terrible at names) let me know and I'll post it here.


GTD Orion Blueprint- Isometric wireframe and schematics. GalacticEmperor

Hammer of Light- True to its namesake, a light and airy HoL wallpaper. GalacticEmperor

Orion Sketch- A sketch-type render of the GTD Orion. GalacticEmperor

The Field of Battle- Terran fighters chase some Anubises in an asteroid field, all nicely bumpmapped.

Blue Orion- A small Terran battlegroup, resplendant in royal blue.

City in the Sky- A Valkyrie is dwarfed by the GTD Orion. Setekh

Galatea- Apollos relieved from patrol return to the GTD Galatea. Adam "Dark Knight" Betts

Hallfight- Marines board a Shivan freighter. What will they find? Volition

Hercules- A Hercules fighter in strong profile dominates space. SJ

Moonfight- Two Apollos from the 1st Fleet patrol around the moon, Luna. CM

Osiris- A wing of Osiris bombers emerges from a Typhon's hangar, ready for action.

Infinite Space, Infinite Glory- The Vasudans expand their empire. Thunder

Dark Blue Spacescape- A planetary alignment brings change- be it positive or negative. Setekh

Zeus- Designed to replace the Athena, the Zeus is one of the greatest bombers built. SJ

Fall of Vasuda- A Horus speeding away from a ruined Vasudan city. Artimus

Vasudan Landscape- A desert render that reminded me of Vasuda Prime. Thought someone could use it. Craig Schulz

Impression: FreeSpace- Two Ulysses and an Ursa in the Impressionist style. Volition

GTI Logo- The GTI logo, as designed for Silent Threat: Reborn. Volition / Tom Fetterolf

Orion Tech- A tech room view of the GTD Orion. Cobra

Valkyrie Tech- A tech room view of the GTF Valkrie. Cobra


Karnak- Dark's Vasudan installation watches over a frozen planet.