Liked the Port? There are many other campaigns in the works that use the Port mod. Here are a few of them. Most are in progress.

Silent Threat: Reborn

Project co-leaders: GalacticEmperor and Goober5000

The Port team reviews the entire Silent Threat campaign, fixing the incoherent plotline and annoying bugs while keeping the same storyline and adding new missions. It will still be Silent Threat, but much more polished and refined, with better gameplay and mission design.

Here are some other projects that don't use the Port, but are still very much worth looking at.

The Scroll of Atankharzim

Project leader: Sesquipedalian

A Vasudan campaign set some 10 to 15 years after the destruction of Capella, The Scroll of Atankharzim offers a rich and dynamic gaming experience. A fantastic storyline weaves together elements from the highest examples of myth and epic with the science fiction adrenaline of FreeSpace 2.

Wing Commander Saga

Project leader: Tolwyn

Tolwyn basically saved the day on the ST:R voice processing front, so we're much obliged to him for his help. His project, an original campaign set in the Wing Commander universe but using the FreeSpace engine, is well worth checking out as well. There is a full-featured prologue release available to play.

Here are a few links no FreeSpace fan should be without.

Volition, Inc- Developer's corporate site. Creators of FreeSpace, FreeSpace 2, Summoner, and Red Faction.

Hard Light Productions- Coalition of FREDders, modders, and renderers. Great stuff, and a nice forum too.

FreeSpace 2 Sector- All your news and links for the FreeSpace 2 community.

FreeSpace Watch- Part of the Volition Watch network.

Fatmouse- The official mascot of the FreeSpace Port.

Need help thinking up names for your alien ships? Try these resources.

Encyclopedia Mythica- A massive database of names from many different mythologies.

Ancient Names- A map of ancient Crete, home of the Minoan civilization.