2/27/2021 Version 4.4 of the FreeSpace Port MediaVPs is now available.

2/21/2021 FSPort version 3.6.8 is out on Knossos and the FSO Installer. It fixes the subspace node model, the Vasudan Probe low-poly model, and the parsing error in weapons.tbl.

The FSPort MVPs update will be another few days. The script configuration update is done, but the main hall update is still in progress.

8/18/2020 Version 4.3 of the FreeSpace Port MediaVPs has been released!

8/12/2020 Version 3.6 of the FreeSpace Port has been released! The corresponding FreeSpace Port MediaVPs update will be released in a few days.

10/29/2017 All FreeSpace Port files previously hosted on FreeSpaceMods have been moved to HLP's new mirror on FeralHosting. Please let us know if you find any broken links.

4/1/2016 The FreeSpace Port team is pleased to release a demo of our latest project, the FreeSpace 2 port to FreeSpace. Check the release thread for details.

2/2/2015 The FreeSpace Port team is proud to bring you not only version 3.5 of the Port, but also the Director's Cut of Silent Threat: Reborn! The new version of the Port offers cool new features such as new main halls by MjnMixael, remixed music by Dan Wentz, and translation packs from the original localized FS1 releases. The new version of ST:R features new cutscenes by Galemp and MjnMixael and two brand new music tracks by Dan Wentz. Get them from the Downloads section or from the forum.

4/14/2013 Version 3.4 of the Port has been released! This version has a huge number of bugfixes coming in thanks to work from Mjn.Mixael, Yarn, and Zacam. Visit the Downloads section for all the goodies.

6/28/2011 Version 3.3 of the Port has been released! This latest and greatest version contains the newly converted Operation Templar campaign as well as a ton of outstanding media enhancements by Mjn.Mixael. Visit the Downloads section for all the goodies.

8/14/2010 After over a year without an update, it's time for us to announce the long-awaited release of version 3.2 of the Port! Get it from the Downloads section or from the forum.

1/2/2009 If you've played Silent Threat: Reborn and liked it (or even if you haven't!) we'd be honored if you would consider voting for us in the 2008 ModDB Mod of the Year awards.

12/25/2008 Silent Threat: Reborn is released! After six years of hard work, our flagship campaign is finally complete. Check it out on the ST:R project site, and be sure to post your comments in the release thread.

12/14/2008 It's been a long time in coming, but the FSPort team is happy to announce the release of version 3.1! It's chock full of new enhancements, so download it and check it out. We'll need you guys to iron out all the bugs in time for us to release Silent Threat: Reborn on Christmas.

10/4/2008 On this date, almost exactly ten years after the original Silent Threat was released by Volition, we are pleased to bring you the Silent Threat: Reborn trailer! This has been in the making over twice as long as the teaser, and features video effects by Steven Trauger and logo design by Tom Fetterolf.

9/6/2008 It's been a long time coming, but the Silent Threat: Reborn teaser is now done! Download it here.

5/18/2008 Another update on the 18th, and in only 1/3rd of the time between the last two updates! This time we're pleased to unveil the brand new Silent Threat: Reborn website. Check it out on the navigation bar to the left.

3/18/2008 It's been awhile since the last update, but rest assured we're still busily working behind the scenes. Voice acting has picked up again, and I think we have an excellent shot at getting some top-quality voice actors to help finish off the campaign. (Hi to all the voice actors who might be reading this! )

We've also made some substantial progress on several promotional items associated with Silent Threat: Reborn's story and background. You can look forward to seeing some cool stuff over the next several weeks!

9/18/2007 Our website has expanded from 640 to 800 pixels wide! Wow! Let us know what you think in the Port forum.

In completely unrelated news, tomorrow is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Yarr!

8/1/2007 Unfortunately, due to various reasons, Wing Commander Saga has been forced to discontinue mirroring FSPort downloads. Fortunately, we have been able to find a successor. FreeSpaceMods.net, run by Swantz (who also runs NukeLOL.com) is now the official mirror of the FreeSpace Port. Non-FilePlanet downloads as well as Installer downloads should now work again. Many thanks to Swantz!

In other news, Silent Threat: Reborn has completed beta testing and is now in the throes of voice acting. We hope to have it out by the end of 2007. If you'd like to voice for us and you haven't contacted us yet, feel free to post in the FSPort forum.

6/12/2007 Thanks to Admiral Nelson, we now have another campaign for your classic FS1 playing pleasure: The Destiny of Peace. This campaign had previously been ported by Grey Wolf and then Selectah, but it now includes full voice acting! Go check it out!

5/27/2007 Cardinal Spear, the classic FS1 campaign, has been ported to FS2! Compatible with both retail and SCP, it can be found in the Downloads section.

12/1/2006 Visitors may have noticed that HLP has been having problems with hosted project downloads recently. It seems that the FreeSpace Port is more popular than any of us knew. Until HLP's download servers are back up, the staff of Wing Commander Saga have graciously offered to mirror our downloads on their personal server. Website and forum links have been updated accordingly.

Be sure to visit the Wing Commander Saga website and forum to thank them for their support!

10/2/2006 The FSPort team is proud to release today the official port of the FS1 campaign Awakenings. This version brings you both SCP goodness and retail compatibility all in one package. Please note this official release supersedes the older, unsupported versions previously posted.

Visit the Downloads page to get it!

3/3/2006 After several weeks of concentrated effort and many sleep-deprived nights, the FSPort team is proud to bring you... not Silent Threat: Reborn. Rather, we've completed version 3.0 of the FreeSpace Port, rebuilt from the ground up to bring you the most true-to-FS1 experience yet. The most notable feature of the new version is the fact that it supports a number of the latest SCP enhancements (including FS1 music) while retaining retail compatibility. Plus, we've added a host of classic FS1-era mods for your enjoyment.

Visit the Downloads page to grab the latest version, along with the sparky_hi_fs1 and stu_fs1 upgrades that go along with it. You can either download the full versions or use the patch utilities we've provided.

12/23/2005 I (Goober5000) seem to recall that I said we'd have the FREDding done by the end of 2005. Well, that's unfortunately not the case. :( I hadn't counted on my thesis taking up every spare minute and then some of my free time this summer, which is when I had planned on doing most of the remaining FREDding.

So where do we stand? Similar to where we were in October, though more has gotten done since then. I'm not sure how accurate any sort of prediction will be, given that all of our previous ones have been exceeded by an impressive margin. I told Galemp a few weeks ago that ST:R is going to be the best campaign never released. :p

I do think we owe you guys something to tide you over, so just as we released "A Christmas Heist" last Christmas, we're releasing "Awakenings" this Christmas. See the release thread in the public forum for more details. :)

10/5/2005 After a long period of inactivity, the wheels are moving again on ST:R. It's good to get working again, but we're reminded of why things went so slowly last time; Goober and I are debating everything from the name of the player's squadron to the types of weapons the Hades uses to whether or not the PVD Pinnacle was involved in the Battle of Deneb. None of it really matters, of course, but we both have far too many ideas.

Many older missions are having new life breathed into them. Old, unremarkable missions like The Wait, The Return to Ross 128, and Cloak and Dagger are full of new dialog, exciting events, unexpected twists and sinister connotations. New missions await to fill in the gaps and extend the scope of the original campaign. Command and Mission Briefings and Debriefings are informative, comprehensive, and tailored to the player's performance. The balance is flexible enough to scale with the skill level, but challenging enough to not bore seasoned players. The overall experience is completely immersive, and the conclusion is deeply satisfying.

Goober and I are really looking forward to releasing this, and we're cooperating as best we can to get it done. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we're enjoying making it, particularly with fresh eyes and ears. Rest assured, we're aware of your patience, and it will be rewarded.

6/18/2005 Well, a few people replied to my previous inquiry, so that's encouraging. :) Now that it's summertime, work has picked up a bit on ST:R. The campaign file is done and all the missions save four are in the process of being finalized. Of those four, one needs its command briefing tweaked, one need to be rebalanced, one needs both, and one is still in the process of being re-FREDded from its previous version. So hopefully that should give you guys some idea of where we stand.

2/19/2005 Does anyone actually check this website regularly? Let us know in the forum. I'm curious to see whether these news updates are being read or not. :p

In other news, work is progressing slowly but surely on ST:R. The release date will definitely be sometime during 2005. ;)

12/25/2004 We've ported a small mission from the VolitionWatch Archives for Christmas. It's not much, but hopefully it should tide you guys over until we have a real release ready. :p Details are in the forum.

12/9/2004 Bleh. Yeah, it's taking awhile for us to finish ST:R. Schoolwork has a way of putting off these things. :p

We have very little left to do on the campaign... the one thing holding us back is FREDding, which is pretty much all in my (Goober5000's) boat at the moment. S.A.V.A.G.E. prefers that we submit them a complete script so that they can do all the voice acting in one go. The plus side of this is that voice acting shouldn't take long. The minus side is that everything is queueing up in a single pipeline instead of being completed in parallel. But we're getting there. It won't be long now. :)

9/20/2004 Hmm. I guess you shouldn't expect updates too often around here. :) The website's been redesigned; how about that? The new design isn't terribly different, but it's neater-looking than the old one and the HTML code has been cleaned up a bit. It should also prove easier to update, which unfortunately removes one of our main excuses for not updating. :p

Progress is still being made on Silent Threat: Reborn, slowly but surely. We have very little work left to do on the missions themselves. Once they're complete - which should happen in a matter of weeks - we'll ship them off to be voice-acted and then we'll get to work on some long-overdue campaign porting. Expect to see classic FS1 campaigns like Awakenings, Cardinal Spear, Destiny of Peace, and others up for download on our website in the near future. Visit our forum for the latest news and updates.

2/27/2004 FREESPACE PORT 2.3 RELEASED! The new definitive version of the Port, chock full of bug fixes and balance tweaks, is now available.

Aside from that, the senior staff has been rather busy with Real Life™ recently. Silent Threat: Reborn and other Port projects are still in development. Progress is slow, but we're moving, at least. Expect more updates as we get closer to summer...

10/17/2003 FREESPACE PORT 2.2 RELEASED! Instead of a full update this comes as a patch for the main 2.1 VP. Toss it into your main FS folder and away you go. Grab it from the Downloads page, and visit the Forum to see what's new.

9/20/2003 Major media update! You can now download the FS1 music, voice files, and command briefing animations for create a fuller, broader, better, more portey Port experience. Due to the inefficient nature of the filetypes used (WAVs and ANIs) the download sizes are quite large; but if people are willing to download Inferno they're willing to download this.

In other news, the classic FS1 campaign Awakenings has been ported and is undergoing some final checks before release. It should be out within a week.

7/14/2003 Wow, it's been a while since I updated this page. Anyway! I never announced the arrival of the FreeSpace Port 2.1 on the page. Find the updates list here! Silent Threat: Reborn is STILL in development, unfortunately. There are only three more missions left, and we're trudging through them, as well as squishing bugs. Damn those debriefings!!

2/18/2003 Alikchi was kind enough to upload the Port onto NTV's FilePlanet server until I can solve my problems, so it's back. Get it from the downloads page.