Admiral Jason Scott

In his mid-60s, Scott has served the Galactic Terran Alliance as an officer since the very beginning of the Terran-Vasudan War. Promoted to Admiral and granted command of the Special Operations branch seven years before the start of the campaign, Scott is strongly loyal to the GTA not only out of pride but also out of a genuine commitment to the highest ideals of the Alliance. He is a man of fierce integrity, standing up for his principles and doing his duty even at significant personal or political cost. He likewise demands honesty and accountability from his subordinates and peers. These values have earned him a reputation as one of the most trustworthy and steadfast officers in the GTA.

Admiral Marcus Glaive

In his early 40s, Glaive rose through the ranks quickly in the latter half of the Terran-Vasudan War, distinguishing himself in numerous engagements as a brilliant tactical leader and unconventional thinker. His flexibility and ability to adapt to widely different circumstances allowed the GTA to turn several seemingly certain defeats into victories over the course of his command. Glaive is "in his element" as leader of Research and Development, a position which allows him to explore new tactics and technologies to the fullest.

Admiral Samantha Tess

In her late 40s, Tess has only recently been promoted to Admiral, a controversial decision. Although a capable leader, equal to any admiral in the GTA, many argued that her leadership lacked a certain "above and beyond" factor to qualify her as a fleet leader for the GTI. While her leadership may be merely standard, her perception and analytical insight make her the perfect fit for her position as head of the Intelligence branch. Her uncanny ability to "get inside the mind of the enemy" has proven invaluable again and again in numerous engagements, allowing the GTA to predict enemy strength and movements even on the basis of limited information.